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Scarling Email

The following is an email sent to you by an administrator of "scarboard.". If this message is spam, contains abusive or other comments you find offensive please contact the webmaster of the board at the following address:

Include this full email (particularly the headers).

Message sent to you follows:

Hello again,

First let me be the first to announce that the first Scarling. release in the form of a 7 inch will be available on March 19th through Sympathy For The Record Industry and Mordam Distribution.

LA transplant Jessicka ( ex-Jack Off Jill) now fronts the dark noise rock band scarling. (defined as "the smallest mark left on your heart by the healing of a severe injury"). Situated somewhere between a freeway pileup and a blissful coma, scarling. dish out a sophisticated audio violence that's capable of slicing up the frontal lobes of metal dullards,feminist femme fatals, and fey indie-rockers alike. "Band Aid Covers The Bullet Hole" and "H/C" are produced by Chris Vrenna. They will be releasing their debut 7-inch on blood red vinyl on Sympathy For The Record Industry, featuring original cover artwork done by Mark Ryden.

If you'd like to read an article about Sympathy Records and it's founder Long Gone John, click here

Los Angeles Times Sunday, January 19, 2003

for more information on Scarling.

for more information on Sympathy For The Record Industry

for more information on Chris Vrenna & Tweaker

for more information on Mark Ryden

for more information for Mordam Distribution

"Scarling. sounds like being French kissed by the most beautiful beings in the world, and then being unable to stop the bleeding. Really alluring yet massive stuff." Alternative Press

"The Addams Family In Wonderland" LIPSTUCK

"Like the Cure with bigger distortion pedals and a violent case of PMS." FRANCE SHOULD NOT EXIST ZINE

Here's the tracks

A side :Band Aid Covers The Bullet Hole 3:40
B side: H/C (pronounced H over C ) 2:29


All order received before Jan 14th have been sent out. If you fear your order is late or has been lost by the lovely post office please contact and they will kindly rectify your situation.
NEW* merchandise will be available closer to the release of the record please keep checking for updates.

If you have a scarling related link and would like to see it on the site please email and we'll get it up as soon as possible.

Due to the overwhelming amount of mail I have received about scarling. I have not been able to get to it all so I decided to answer frequently asked questions here:

1. Will Scarling. be touring ( insert your location here) soon?
I believe Jessicka answer this one best.
J:Here's the answer for everybody who asked if we were going to play (London, Australia, Scotland, Florida, Utah, Manchester, Arizona, Oregon,Vegas, North Carolina,Washington, Connecticut-add your location here) in the future? We'd like to, we really would. Our future out of the country touring will all depend on the labels we sign with in each market. They'd have to pay for us to leave the US so make some fuss about us wherever you are and we'll do our best to get on a label who will provide good tour support to get us there. As far as the US goes you'll be seeing us sooner then later. We have certainly not forgotten about the East Coast. (though we do not have any tour dates lined up and probably won't until the completion of the album)

2: Can I interview Jessicka/Scarling. for my zine?
Sure, but we are kinda backed up so it may take awhile to get your answers back, thanks for being patient.

3. When will Scarling release something?
March 19th

4. What songs will be on that release?
A side :Band Aid Covers The Bullet Hole 3:40
B side: H/C (pronounced H over C ) 2:29

5. Will I be able to get it online?

6. I don't have a record player. When will CD's be available?
The answer I got was, SOON!

7.Why is Scarling taking so long to release something? I've been waiting forever.
J: Ah this question. The only thing I regret about scarling. so far is that I mentioned the name almost a year before there was any music or even a band. It was just a name I came up with. People online kind of took the ball and ran with it. It's not that we are working at a particularly slow pace it's more that people knew about scarling, before there really was a scarling. Also we are working with a small label called Sympathy For The Record Industry and it's a one man operation, so things take time. Things will pick up mid 2003.
C: We originally had a plan to start from and some things changed, some things fell through, etc, etc. mostly all out of our control as things usually are when your starting from the beginning. Things actually started very quickly for us & we needed to stop for a bit to make some necessary adjustments. Hopefully things will start happening quickly soon & then we'll all be wishing it would slow down for a while. We do have to thank everyone for standing by us in the meantime... we won't let you down, we promise. There are some big things coming..... soon.

8. Does Jessicka read the email I send to the TSG account?
No, but I do forward it to her account.

9. Why can't I log on to the SCARBOARD?

You want to make friends, have fights, do wrongs, make rights, or just read to see what others are saying...? Please visit the SCARBOARD,"Your one and only source of scarling. information, drama, and rampant rumors."

I will be sending this out to the message board members also. If you receive this twice please for give me. If you are signed up and can't log in or forgot your password please email with SCARBOARD in the subject and I'll try to fix your account.

Thanks for being so patient,
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